Between 9th and 11th October, protagonists at Hostaria 2020 in Verona

This year too, we will return to Piazza Bra in Verona for the Hostaria Verona event. The festival, which has launched the autumn season in Verona for the past six years, will transform the city centre into a large open-air osteria in complete safety. The objective is to promote excellent local productions and illustrate the territory through its wine.

Among the over 300 wines presented by 80 Verona companies between 9th and 11th October, we will savour Custoza Ca’ De’ Rocchi 2019, Corvina IGP Verona “Corvé” 2018 and Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore “Monteré” 2018 at stand no.21 by Tinazzi in Piazza Bra, between the Arena and the Verona City Hall.

With our numerous events dedicated to wine tourism, we share and fully support Hostaria 2020 principles: to host visitors in an atmosphere of conviviality and to promote the unique Verona territory as well as its wine and food as part of its local economic and cultural heritage. The pleasure of being together – typical of osterias the event is named after – is combined with our vision and with the awareness that we live and work in a place filled with art and history, beautiful scenery and excellent food and wine, the perfect destination for an international tourism increasingly interested in discovering this extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The event dedicated to wine and wine tourism will boast a new itinerary of tasting sessions and events from Piazza Bra, Piazza dei Signori to Cortile Mercato Vecchio enabling exhibitors and the public to socialize and enjoy themselves in complete safety. There will be fewer tickets available to monitor attendance.
Various initiatives combining art, culture and fun will be organised alongside the tasting sessions.