Lighter bottles for improved sustainability

For years, Tinazzi has been committed to containing environmental impact by checking the type of materials used by its suppliers: from the cardboard, glass and corks, to capsules and the labels themselves.

The analysis of materials, based on specific indicators that are analysed in depth in the Sustainability Report, also concerns their composition, whether it be paper, wood, metal, cork or plastic. Both the type and composition of the materials chosen by Tinazzi come from suppliers who comply with specific certifications concerning both the product and the processing.

Glass has great relevance and prevalence: the emission of CO2 and the energy necessary to produce glass are contained by favouring producers who manufacture their glass using recycled material in whole or in part.

This eco-friendly approach is taking another very important step: since 2023, Tinazzi has been promoting the use of lightweight bottles thanks to the partial replacement of the current “imperial” bottles with the “T” logo weighing around 1,200 gr each with the “Prince” logo bottles weighing 55gr each.

We expect the replacement to exceed 200,000 units in 2024.

With this innovation, Tinazzi aims to once again highlight its corporate philosophy: sustainability and love of innovation. “We are also working on other topics as well as this project. One of our objectives is to maximise the sustainable steps within our company and ensure their transparency. That is why two years ago we started drafting a detailed Sustainability Report, which will see its third edition in 2024. We have obtained a lot, but there is still a lot to be done,” comments Francesca Tinazzi, management control and sustainability manager at Tinazzi.