News at Tinazzi – introducing our new Duca delle Corone line from Puglia

An air of novelty comes from Puglia as we introduce the brand-new Duca delle Corone line.

The line pays homage to Puglia, its history and its tradition as we were inspired by its famous rose windows for the labels.

During a visit to Puglia, walking among the alleyways of its town centres and if you look up at the sky, you will have definitely set eyes on the rose windows adorning the façades of the Cathedrals.

They are all different, all majestic and all beautiful. These large round windows adorned with rays made of stone had the purpose of letting the light into the church. Rose windows are in fact associated with the Sun as a bearer of Light combined with the rose, another key element, in its stylised form.

The Duca delle Corone line consists of seven wines representing the full potential of Apulian grapes: Primitivo, Negroamaro, Negroamaro rosato and Bianco are joined by three new products for our cellar: Primitivo Rosato, Fiano and Aglianico.

The first four wines are available in a cone-shaped Bordeaux bottle with a label showing a brightly-coloured stylised rose window.

Special attention was paid to the newly-introduced Primitivo Rosato, Fiano and Aglianico. The bottle is lighter, as it is the so-called “borgognotta” or borgognona, and the label is delicate and elegant with pale colours surrounded by gold.

We are very pleased and thrilled to present our first Rosato di Primitivo.

The rose window is pale pink just like the tulle that contains the sugared almonds in a special bonbonnière: it is a fresh and fruity wine with persistent floral notes.

Fiano is inspired by the Apulian sunsets, by that moment when a flash of green light irradiates on the horizon.

Here, our rose window celebrates the green beam that precedes the night, when our Fiano quenches and fulfils the warm summer evenings with its freshness and aroma.

Aglianico is an ancient and solemn wine. We have dressed our Aglianico in the colours of the skins, of the Apulian land, of the gowns of noble dukes.

The love for a vine of red grapes generates an intense and full bodied wine with fruity and spicy notes.

The Duca delle Corone line will be launched at Prowein in Düsseldorf, 19- 21 March 2023, and will then welcome you to Vinitaly in Verona, 2-5 April 2023.

ProWein: Tinazzi Veneto – Puglia: Hall 15, Stand B13

Vinitaly: Tinazzi Veneto – Puglia: Hall 4, Stand B8

Now all you have to do is savour them!