Our barrels are brought back to life at Bottega Tettoia Pinardi

Bottega Tettoia Pinardi Project – “Save a barrel, create a Masterpiece.”

Tinazzi supports the “Bottega Tettoia Pinardi” project and donates its barrels to Casa Don Bosco Dab, a rehabilitation community for adolescents with family or behavioural difficulties based in Albarè di Costermano sul Garda.

In this “recycling workshop”, young people have the opportunity to use the wood obtained from barrels to create small works of art under the guidance of an experienced carpenter and an art-therapist. One of the project’s main objective is to offer an experiential and educational opportunity to struggling youths, as well as raising awareness about respect for the environment and contributing to the prevention of school dropouts.

The works of art produced in the workshop are of three different types: games made of wood that stimulate intelligence such as math games or games related to statistics and geometry; gadgets and gift ideas for special events; up-cycled furniture made of crates, stairs, barrels and pallets: all pieces inspired by the agricultural and oenological world. Among the most appreciated objects, there are three lamps that represent the trunk, leaf and bunch of the grapevine made using recycled staves of oak barrels treated with special walnut oil. Stools are also made using exclusively recycled barrique staves that are created so carpenters can sit while working. The eight-legged table has the top of a large barrel as a base and was designed to display the internal part of the barrel staves so as to enhance the natural colour that wine leaves on wood over the years.

The entire catalogue is available on the website: www.donboscodab.it