Rossofreddo: a bet for the summer

Red wine? Cold!- Red wine from Puglia to enjoy at 10°C

Rossofreddo – Rosso Salento Igp is an ideal wine to enjoy on warm summer evenings. Served at a temperature of 10°C, it is proof that people do not only drink white wines in summer. 

But how is it possible to drink a structured red wine at a temperature of 10°C?

This goal was achieved through the cold maceration of grapes. Crushed grapes are left for 36-48 hours at a temperature of 8-10°C while the atmosphere inside the fermentation tank gets saturated with carbon dioxide. Afterwards, a gentle pressing separates the liquid part from the solid part. Then alcoholic fermentation starts at a controlled temperature of 18-20°C.

This technique prevents the extraction of the most reactive tannic components that would determine a sensation of astringency, especially at low temperatures.

The result is a wine with a bright red colour and an alcohol content of 13°. Floral and fruity notes enriched by a subtle balsamic vein stand out in the broad aroma spectrum. Silky and smooth on the palate with a refreshing enfolding finish, Rossofreddo is perfect paired off with appetizers, first courses, white meat, and cheese.

Rossofreddo is the latest addition to the Feudo Croce country estate: 20 hectares of vineyards and hospitality in the heart of the outstanding Salento peninsula.