For Tinazzi, “sustainability” is an actual call for action that requires commitment and will to evolve and innovate to be part of a change that can be genuinely defined as sustainable and functional for the definition of a better future.

“For the Tinazzi family, sustainability means committing on multiple fronts – environmental, economic and social. In order for our group of cellars to grow, meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the possibility of future generations to attain their own.”

It is with these words spoken by Francesca Tinazzi, partner of Tinazzi S.R.L., that the company presents with great pleasure and satisfaction the first edition of the Sustainability Report 2021, proof of the increasing commitment of Tinazzi on this topic.

With the publication of the Sustainability Report 2021, the company is determined to report the present and near future of a company that aims at being a model of economic growth that is at the same time sustainable towards the environment, people and the community.



Tinazzi’s sustainability journey actually started in the 2000s with state-of-the-art system management that moved on to include traceability systems, comply with the Law and an organic product range.

The most important “steps” in this journey are the certifications obtained between 2002 and 2013 (UNI EN ISO 9001 – Management System for the quality of internal processes, UNI EN ISO 22005 – Chain and corporate traceability system within the agricultural and food sector, BRC and IFS), as well as the attainment of the Equalitas Certification “Sustainable Organization Module” for Cantine San Giorgio SRL and the installation of a photovoltaic plant at the Lazise facility in 2019 and of the new purifier in 2021.

The Sustainability Report is a further step to be added to this “journey” which started many years ago and is destined to continue in the years to come, with a constant eye on the future guided by a combination between tradition and innovation.


SDGs – UN 2030 Agenda

With the publication of the sustainability report 2021, the Tinazzi family also undertakes to support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, endorsed by all Member states of the United Nations in 2015.
It is made up of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that constitute an urgent call to action to be reached at a global level by 2030.
Specifically, the company undertakes to:

  • Offer all employees opportunities to improve the company’s welfare
  • Periodically invest in the highest company standards to guarantee a safe and ethical work environment to its employees.
  • Create value for the territory it operates in and promote initiatives for the local community.
  • Invest in the future of young generations working together with schools, associations and universities.
  • Dedicate constant resources to research and development to guarantee the quality, traceability and safety of the product
  • Invest in sustainability strategies, product eco-design and eco-planning of stores and company production facilities
  • Involve internal stakeholders aiming at their retention
  • Work constantly to improve the impact of activities on the environment



Starting from the end of 2021, the increasing commitment of Tinazzi in terms of sustainability also takes shape when it comes to communication with the birth of Tinazzi (R)Evolution, a project that includes all corporate social responsibility initiatives and that aims at showcasing Tinazzi’s will to evolve and change, as well as launching a clear message regarding the company’s commitment towards a more sustainable future.

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