Tinazzi R-Evolution: Tinazzi presents its third Sustainability Report for 2023

Tinazzi Srl’s third Sustainability Report was presented at Prowein 2024 on 10th March.

Drafted with the technical and methodological assistance of Progesa Spa (a consulting firm for sustainable development), the Report complies with the new international guidelines GRI STANDARD – Global Reporting Initiative in force as of 1st January 2023 and is the tool the Cellar has chosen to measure its impact on the three dimensions of economic, environmental and social responsibility.

The important new elements described in the third Sustainability Report include the adoption of a new 0.750 L lightweight bottle named “Prince”.

Tinazzi has in fact developed a project that involves the use of lighter bottles thanks to the partial replacement of the current 0.750 L “Imperial” bottles weighing approximately 1,200 grams each with new ones weighing 550 grams each. In 2023, the sale of these bottles reached the figure of approximately 200,000 and the cellar expects quantities to double in 2024.

The environmental benefits linked to the use of light-weight bottles are truly significant: from the lower energy used per kg of glass produced – especially in function of the percentage of recycled glass – but also of the virgin raw materials used, down to transport and disposal costs.

When it comes to supporting the development of the local community, in 2023 Tinazzi strengthened its historic partnership with the Jonian Dolphin Conservation ETS in Taranto through its subsidiary Cantine San Giorgio.

The Jonian Dolphin Conservation is a scientific association aimed at studying cetaceans in the Gulf of Taranto. It is composed of researchers who dedicate their lives to getting to know the marine environment and to the development of projects concerning the environmental impact on the northern Ionian Sea.

On a concrete level, the partnership has seen the Cellar as the sponsor and exclusive wine partner for years but, in 2023, the Cellar also began recognising a royalty for each bottle sold of the new line of three Apulian Jonian Dolphin wines, each bearing the name of one of the cetaceans monitored daily by the association.,

Among the pillars for future development, a considerable say will be given to that of technological development in the Cellar and investments in renewable energy (the photovoltaic plant in the Lazise facility has doubled in 2023).

Finally, the Tinazzi (R)Evolution project will continue.

Since the end of 2021, in fact, the increasing commitment of Tinazzi towards sustainability has also taken shape, from a communicative point of view with the creation of the Tinazzi (R)Evolution project. The project combines all the initiatives concerning environmental sustainability as well as the projects focused on corporate social responsibility, and took on a name in line with the company’s increasing need for evolution, change, revolution and commitment towards the future.

Communication must always be pursued and innovated, as we need to keep the interest of the market alive not only in our products, but also in the process involved i.e. following the company philosophy found behind every single Tinazzi wine.

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