Cantina San Giorgio confirms the Equalitas certification and presents its Sustainability Report

The “sustainable” path of Cantina San Giorgio continues as we also obtained the Equalitas certification in 2022.

This certification dedicated to sustainability in the wine-making world and conferred by Certification body CSQA does not only assess respect for the environment, but ethical, social and economic aspects as well.

Sustainability forms an integral part of our corporate mission, a permanent commitment that is illustrated in a detailed and clear manner in our Sustainability Report now in its second edition.

The document includes environmental, social and economic aspects and sets out the objects to be achieved to continuously improve performances while respecting the environment.

Our approach, in fact, entails safeguarding the environment not only by implementing good agricultural practices thanks to organic cultivation techniques, but also by using technologically-advanced machinery and systems that help reduce environmental impact and electricity consumption. We then chose to opt for increasingly sustainable packaging solutions such as cardboard made with FSC paper.

What is more, we have sponsored the Jonian Dolphin Conservation, i.e.the scientific research association that studies cetaceans in the Gulf of Taranto in the northern Ionian Sea for the third year running.

As far as our company is concerned, sustainability means working while respecting the vineyard environment, but also safeguarding the rights of workers, investing in training and creating a sturdy network of relationships with the surrounding territory and community.

Sustainability therefore becomes an added value, an occasion to strengthen our commitment and continue the company’s journey towards responsibility.

The Equalitas Certification is not an arrival point, but an important step along a path of concrete and constant commitment that has deep roots and an eye focused on the future.


The Sustainability Report is available at: