A responsible and inclusive Christmas 2023 with Reverse

The festive season is approaching and the Tinazzi family would like to take the opportunity of wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

2023 was a very important year for us as our Tinazzi R-Evolution project continued to thrive and group together all the environmental sustainability initiatives and the projects dedicated to corporate social responsibility. It is named after the increasing need of the company for evolution, change, revolution and commitment towards the future.

In April 2023, we published the second edition of our Sustainability Report.

The important new elements described in this document include the adoption of a Supplier Code of Conduct.

A sustainable final product is guaranteed by the sustainability of the single components of the supply chain. This is the assumption Tinazzi started off with in setting up a Code of Conduct to be submitted for approval and as an assumption of responsibility for single suppliers. The lines present in the Tinazzi Srl Code vouch for the respect of the basic principles and requirements upon signature of the suppliers and, at the same time, they define the assumption of responsibility towards society. What is more, the guidelines also admit responsibility towards the environment and people involved in the production of the product and/or service.

When it comes to supporting the development of the local community, Tinazzi, though its subsidiary Cantine San Giorgio, strengthened its historic partnership with the Jonian Dolphin Conservation ETS in Taranto, recognising a royalty for each bottle sold of the brand new line of three Apulian Jonian Dolphin wines, each bearing the name of one of the cetaceans monitored daily by the association.

To involve employees, clients and friends in our world focused on sustainability, responsibility and inclusion, we thought of creating a truly original present for Christmas 2023: a wooden chopping board created for us by our friends at Reverse.

Reverse is not just an interior design studio, but also a production lab: it manages a network of workshops that craft its projects in an artisanal and responsible manner. One of them is located inside the Casa Crcondariale di Montorio, in Verona, with the Reverse In prison economy lab. This is where our chopping boards have been made.

We are proud of supporting their fantastic work and of being able to share it with the lovers of Tinazzi wines.

Merry Christmas!


Gian Andrea, Giorgio and Francesca Tinazzi