Greenwashing? No, thanks!

The term ‘Greenwashing’ started becoming part of the Italian vocabulary a few months ago, often when talking about sustainable companies and organic businesses.

But what does it mean, exactly?

Greenwashing is an English neologism that indicates the communication strategy of certain companies, organisations or political institutions aimed at giving an image of themselves that is deceitfully positive when it comes to their environmental impact.

The term derives from the combination of green (the colour symbol of environmentalism) and washing with reference to the verb to whitewash (i.e. to paint and, by extension, ‘to cover, to hide’): it may therefore be interpreted with the meaning of ‘giving oneself a patina of environmental credibility’: Its introduction dates back to the US environmentalist Jay Westerveld, who first used it in 1986 to stigmatize the habit hotel chains had of using the environmental impact of washing linen as an excuse for inviting guests to use fewer towels when they were in fact doing so mainly for economic reasons.

How can consumers defend themselves against Greenwashing?

There is only one way to do so: critical thought and observation skills.

It is important to read labels and the information on websites.

Let’s make a practical example: Tinazzi was among the first wine-producing companies from the Veneto to publish its first 2021 Sustainability Report in April 2022 in compliance with GRI Standards, which enable companies to integrate the accounting for SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) as part of their sustainability report.

The report can be downloaded for free at:

The report illustrates, in a detailed and analytical way, the objectives and achievement percentages of the GRIs, the meaning of which can be found at:

Finally, the labels of our organic wines feature a well-visible logo of the BIO certification granted by ICEA (authorized by the Ministry for Food, Agricultural and Forestry Policy) as well as the operator number of our cellar.

Tinazzi Bio wines are therefore crystal-clear, honest and sincere from container to content but, most of all, they are…good!

Try our Tordina, Garganega IGP Bio and Mamajànna, Chardonnay Puglia IGP Bio and discover the pleasure of something truly ‘green’ …without any ‘washing’!