Innovation in the vineyard: protecting grapes from parasites with sustainable methods

Our agronomic technicians – in collaboration with the Verona company Cordioli srl, which has been taking care of plants for decades – recently introduced a great innovation when it comes to the management of Tinazzi vineyards.

The Trapview insect capture device was in fact installed in the Campopian vineyard, located in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella at 650 metres a.s.l., which mainly features the Corvina variety – the queen of Valopolicella.

It is a revolutionary solution that makes the decision-making process more efficient for the protection of vines from Lobesia botrana (commonly known as grapevine moth). It provides a clear overview of the situation in the vineyard in real time, it can predict insect development and simulate different protection scenarios.

But how does it work?
Trapview works taking photographs via two high-resolution cameras and providing automatic recognition of grapevine moth adults, which are attracted by the pheromone present in the trap itself. Through the catches and the daily data processing carried out remotely, the system provides information on the population dynamics, flight and generations and even predicts the development of the various stages (eggs, larvae, adults).
This enables constant monitoring in real time of the insect also of large areas.
The data collected is sent to the cloud and analysed, and our agronomists can view them directly online from their phones, as well as from simple daily or weekly PDF reports sent by e-mail and featuring the most relevant monitoring data.

Thanks to an improved overview and more reliable data, our parasite protection activities become more precise and more focused. This way, the use of plant protection products becomes less casual and much more sustainable.