The community garden in Cavaion Veronese

“Cultivating vegetables, cultivating relationships” – this is the motto of the new project the Tinazzi family has decided to support. Disadvantaged people, asylum-seekers and local families can take part in an upstanding local agricultural solidarity project.

Piana degli Orti is the name of the project carried out in cooperation with the Città in Fiore and Oltre il Confine associations, which provide accommodation to disadvantaged people and asylum-seekers. It is guided by Don Paolo Bolognani, who is also the manager and educator of the “Don Bosco – Dab” community for minors in Albarè di Costermano (Verona), with which our winery set up the Bottega Tettoia Pinardi experiential workshop. The associations take over unused plots turning them into farm-to-table vegetable plots, thus giving an unused agricultural heritage back to the community.

With the help of a few volunteers, asylum-seekers and disadvantaged adults welcomed by the two associations are involved in cultivation activities. Through a virtuous exchange, local families can receive the vegetables grown by making a donation.

The products cultivated include fruits and vegetables: peppers, pumpkins, watermelons, melons, salad and cherry tomatoes, lettuce, potatoes, aubergines and courgettes.

«We are proud supporters of the community garden led by Don Paolo, not only because he was able to set up such a sustainable and virtuous project, but also because it is essential to intervene on the territory and cooperate with organizations that build relationships and deal with social inclusion,” reports owner Gian Andrea Tinazzi.