Tinazzi and the International regattas of Circolo Nautico Brenzone

For the third consecutive year, Tinazzi was the ambassador of the 51° Regata Internazionale Kielzugvogel and of the Regata Internazionale Star 55° Trofeo Amicizia Memoria “Mascanzoni-Scala” which have been held over the past few days at Circolo Nautico Brenzone on the Garda Lake.

We presented the winning sailors with wines from the Ca’de’Rocchi line and, newly introduced this year, from Poderi Campopian, our holding in Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella (VR) which, located at 670m asl, is the highest holding in the area.
“We are happy to renew the partnership which started in 2019 with such an excellent local organisation as Circolo Nautico di Brenzone,” commented Gian Andrea Tinazzi. We are honoured to present our Poderi Campopian line to international guests and visitors, produced in a territory boasting a strong appeal for foreign visitors such as that of Valpolicella Classico.”
After the Kielzugvogel regatta, during the wine dinner organized for the occasion, German guests tasted a selection of our wines paired off with dishes made by the Circolo Nautico Brenzone restaurant and presented by our Hospitality Manager.
The “Wine&Sailing” combination on Lake Garda continues – the world of sport with Circolo Nautico Brenzone regattas paired with the Tinazzi world of wines.