Tinazzi, tradition and innovation from Lake Garda

A breath of novelty from Lake Garda – we present you the new Garda Bianco DOP from the Ca’ de’ Rocchi and Tenuta Valleselle lines.
This new wine pays homage to Lake Garda and its unique microclimate and territory.
The Garda microclimate, influenced by the temperate breeze, is mild and is somewhat constant, with only slight temperature changes between day and night. A perfect “climate cradle” to enhance the peculiarities of local grapes such as Garganega and Trebbiano as well as the more international Chardonnay, which in fact make up the new Tinazzi product.
Garganega is the leading white grape variety in the Verona province and stands out due to its unique characteristics: an elegant aroma of almond and white flowers, plus a balanced combination of extracts and sugars that make it versatile and much appreciated.
Trebbiano generates a straw yellow wine with greenish highlights. It has a deep aroma on the nose, with slight almondy notes. It is extremely fresh, fruity, floral and mineral on the palate.
Finally, Chardonnay, which finds its ideal location on the Verona hills, gives off hints of banana and tropical fruit.
This Bianco Garda DOP can be paired with everything from aperitifs to meals and works particularly well with fish, risotto or even a humble pizza.

The territory on the Verona bank of Lake Garda is characterized by well-draining soil defined as moraine, which originated as the large Adige glacier retreated depositing materials such as sand, pebbles and clay.
It generates wines that are subtle, elegant and flavourful in the white, red and rosé version.
Flavour and elegance characterize our Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOP from the Ca’ de’ Rocchi and Tenuta Valleselle lines, which comes from the same territory, as well as wines made with Corvina grapes such as Bardolino DOP and Chiaretto di Bardolino DOP.

Bardolino DOP from the Ca’ de’ Rocchi and Tenuta Valleselle and the now very well-known “Campo delle Rose” Chiaretto di Bardolino DOP are aromatic and fruity wines that immediately call to mind hints of cherry. They represent the historic production of Tinazzi, which has been making these kinds of wine on Lake Garda for over 50 years.

You will find them, together with the new Garda Bianco, at ProWein in Düsseldorf on 10-12 March 2024, and they will then welcome you to Vinitaly in Verona on 14-17 April 2024.

ProWein: Tinazzi Veneto – Puglia: Hall 15, Stand B15
Vinitaly: Tinazzi Veneto – Puglia: Hall 4, Stand B8

Now all you have to do is savour them!