A new step towards sustainability – the San Giorgio winery obtains the Equalitas certification

Our choice to become part of Equalitas as Gruppo Tinazzi stems from the need to analyse the general impact towards the environment and society that has welcomed our company in Apulia in order to become even more responsible when it comes to using natural resources and common goods.

The attitude towards promoting the territory and the wish to experiment new improvement tools have pushed the San Giorgio winery to embark on a journey aimed at a sustainable approach of the entire wine-making chain.

The Equalitas standard bases the sustainability of the wine-making sector on three pillars – social, environmental and economic. Verifiable and measurable requirements and indicators are defined for each pillar: from safeguarding biodiversity, the company’s carbon footprint, packaging and the well-being of workers to the adoption of a correct communication for consumers.

With the San Giorgio winery, we are part of the approximately 60 wine-making businesses that have obtained the Equalitas certification, and we have also presented the first edition of our Sustainability Report in 2021, thus starting a process of reporting the environmental, social and economic aspects of the company and establishing clear objectives to increasingly improve performances while respecting the environment.

Obtaining this certification means working in full respect of the vineyards as well as respecting the rights of workers, investing in training and creating a sturdy network of relations with the surrounding territory and local community, guaranteeing a major improvement of its sustainability standards to its clients and stakeholders.