Our Negroamaro Rosato “Amarosè” explained by our Brand Ambassador

Amarosè – Negroamaro Rosato Salento Igp – comes from Feudo Croce, the Tinazzi family estate in Puglia, and is the protagonist of this video.

The name of the wine is a combination of two words: “Negroamaro” – the word “Amaro” – and “Rosé”.
With its light pink colour obtained by cold-macerating the skins for 24 hours, it boasts an extremely interesting organoleptic profile with an aroma of red fruits, mostly cherries and pomegranates, and fruity notes.

The flavour is well-balanced and corresponds to what is perceived by the nose so, once again, we can perceive hints of stone fruit, cherries and pomegranates, with a good minerality provided by the soil. It pairs off perfectly with fish dishes, especially grilled fish.

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