The new San Giorgio winery is open

New Tinazzi headquarters in Puglia: San Giorgio – Noble Wines of Salento

The Tinazzi family founded the San Giorgio winery in 2011 in San Giorgio Jonico, Taranto. Its main objective was to stimulate local wine production by enhancing the potential of Puglian native vines. In 2019, to put even greater emphasis on Puglian wine production, Tinazzi moved the headquarters of the San Giorgio winery to the neighbouring town of Faggiano. The facility is a modern wine cellar where the Puglian Tinazzi production is processed and bottled.

The barrels are made of stainless steel to maintain the freshness of the local grapes unaltered, and the machinery is technologically advanced. The winery was built to allow the production of increasingly excellent wines, representing a territory in constant qualitative growth.

An archaeological site was recently discovered near the winery.