San Giorgio winery implements the innovative Air Mixing system

A new system that intervenes during alcoholic fermentation to perfect the maceration process.

2020 will be the year of innovation for the San Giorgio – Vini Nobili del Salento winery located in Faggiano (TA), where the entire Puglia production of the Tinazzi family is bottled.

Starting from the 2020 harvest, the company will in fact introduce the innovative Air Mixing M.I.® system, which improves maceration by increasing the extraction of polyphenol substances such as the anthocyanins and tannins contained in red grapes, therefore leading to cleaner fermentation thanks to the constant wetting of the pomace cap via an automated air-modulated impulse system. The company – which also boasts a new cellar completed in 2020 and equipped with ultra-modern production systems – continues its path to innovation thanks to the ongoing research and activities to select local grapes while respecting the uniqueness of north Salento wines.

HOW AIR MIXING MI WORKS – The combination of at least 3 air injectors installed on the side wall of the tank – designed and orientated depending on its shape and activated in a work/pause impulse sequence that can vary depending on the objectives (modulated injection) – forms disgregating waves that effectively sink the cap with no need for violent mechanical action or moving organs.

By adopting this technology, Cantina San Giorgio will be able to produce wines with a better structure and clean aromas. Air Mixing MI was internationally acclaimed with a special mention at the Innovation Award at Vinitech Sifel Bordeaux 2016 and also received the Innovations Competition award at the International Fair Plovdiv 2017 in Bulgaria.