Corvina Ripa Magna – Tenuta Valleselle

Aroma, flavour, and pairings. Our Brand Ambassador illustrates Corvina Verona Igp “Ripa Magna” from Tenuta Valleselle line.

Let us start from the colour: a very interesting deep and bright red.

The aroma is immediately reminiscent of the characteristics typical of the grape variety: a distinct aroma of cherry and red fruit, spicy notes and tertiary aromas conveyed by ageing such as leather, cocoa and vanilla that give the wine a certain complexity.

Persistent finish on the palate with, once again, an aroma of red fruit and a very intense hint of cherries and marasca cherries in particular. Well balanced wine boasting well-perceivable tertiary aromas.

It can be paired off perfectly with risotto with sausage – which is called Risotto al Tastasal in our area – pasta with sausage or red meats.

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